I had the great opportunity to shoot Black Sea Dahu`s new Single I am my mother together with Michael Schwendinger.

We used Mamiya 645 Sekor C lenses on Sony FX9 and FX6.

We used mainly overhead tungsten light, additional an Aputure 120D with a Softbox, around 3 Arri 650W and a 200W Arri HMI.

This is an extended live version of the newly released single I am my mother.

Black Sea Dahu recorded it during a residency at Royal (Baden, Switzerland) in June 2021 as part of a live music video shoot.

Black Sea Dahu

Janine Cathrein – Piano, Vox

Vera Cathrein – Bass, Vox

Simon Cathrein – Percussion, Vox

Pascal Eugster – Guitar

Ramon Ziegler – Keys, Vox

Nick Furrer – Drums


Production – Paul Märki

Camera – Michael Schwendinger & Hannes Cullum

Grading – Hannes Cullum

Film Editor – Michael Schwendinger

Recording – Roland Bucher & Roger Müller

Mixing – Paul Märki

Coordinator – Cyrill Sutter


Thanks to Lara, Luca, Lilly, Lukas, Eliane, Mateo, Claudio, Bico, Eva, Christina, Leonie, Carina, CH, Nico, Ellas, Royal Baden