About the Project:
Client: ZHdK
Year: 2014
Production: Cast / Audiovisual Media – Interaction Design

Concept/ DIR: Marco Lüthi &Hannes Cullum
DOP: Hannes Cullum


Freedom is a choice. In a dystopian world humans depend on an earpiece to control every decision. What if this perfect world suddenly disconnects, what would you do? Time to decide.

Ctrl depicts the life of a young man in a dystopian world who is controlled by his earpiece. In this world, higher powers listen and watch your every move. They know what you think. They know whom you are best matched with. Or at least they think they do. Upon malfunction, the young man suddenly must make decisions on his own Freedom should be a choice and he must decide whether to stay within the realms of the system or break out of this virtual world.

The film Ctrl is a deeper insight into surveillance in today’s world. Governments and private companies like Google and Facebook can gain access to everyone’s personal data. Our society continues to add more and more information through their virtual personalities, asking the question do we care more for our physical being or our virtual being. Through the film, we highlight the problems if such a system was taken too far and what if we were forced into a world where this was a reality. Is our generation naïve enough to follow this path?


Directed by Hannes Cullum, Marco Luethi
DoP and Edited by Hannes Cullum
Produced by
Hannes Cullum, Marco Luethi, Alex Moshovelis and Tamara Graf
Screenplay by Alex Moshovelis
Sound by Tamara Graf

Protagonist: Kevin Vettiger
Protagonist: Tamara Graf
Salvation: Maren Wernik
Background actress 1: Anja Dietrich
Background actress 2: Katharina Herzog
Background actress 3: Lorena Strohner
Background actress 4: Laura Bonsignore-Slodownik
Background actor 5: Kevin Benz
Background actor 6: Thierry Seiler
Background actor 7: Alessio Aliprandi
Background actor 8: Alex Moshovelis
Background actor 9: Marco Luethi
Location 1 (Home): Lessingstrasse 49, 8002 Zurich. Owner: Alex Moshovelis
Location 2 (Shop): Global Prepaid Card Center. Owner: Premananth Ganeshapalan
Location 3 (Bar): Langstars Bar Zurich. Owner: Lukas Hofstetter