Markus dream is, to finally get the Ironman done, but first he has to overcome his own struggles.

Dominik and his father starts to share a new hobby and come closer in their relationship.

Even in old age, Karate brings Rolf on a new path of life and health.

Claudia`s life made a dramastic change after the birth of her two sons.

Andy is suffering from sleep apnea. Everything he wants is just to live like any other person. 

But there is a possibility of finding peace in life.

Fabian healthy lifestyle comes from experiencing the bad side of Life and death.

Switzerland asked its employees: How do you “share the Philips passion”?

Starting each month of the year, we portray one willing employee who shares their passion with the world.

Client: Philips
Year: 2016
Production: Longtail Media 

Concept/ DIR: Hannes Cullum
DOP: Hannes Cullum