57. Solothurner Filmtage

75th Locarno Fim Festival, Schools without borders screening

“From ordinary (daily training) to the (artistic) extraordinary”

The dancers start the day as usual: the routine of the usual warm-up exercises.

The more they get in touch with their bodies, the more we dive into their inner selves.

We experience their dreams and desires, their wishes and the expectations they have for a future in dance.

Based on different exercises from dance training, three independent choreographies are developed,

which overlap in the film, connected by an experimental composition.

Three choreographies merge into one art film. 


Friederike Lampert (Dance)

Andreas Birkle (Camera)


Mike Schaerer (Editing)

Joel Jent,

Karin Koch (Producing)

André Bellmont (Composition)


Gianni Malfer (Dance)

Chantal Haunreither (Film)

MA Producer:

Levin Vieth

Lauro Jenni

MA Dance:

Team 1 (Barre) 

Tina Hatlak

Nora Werren

Team 2 (Center)

Stefanie Fischer

Lida Doumouliaka

Team 3 (Floor)

Ana Martins

Seh Yun Kim


MA Camera:

Lukas Gut Team 1 (Barre)

Laura Morales / Gaetän NicolasTeam 2 (Center)

Hannes Cullum Team 3 (Floor)


BA Contemporary Dance:

Dave Lankhorst

Luca Di Georgio

Koko NishikawaCamille Zany

Viviane von Gunten

Gianna Bassan


MA Film Editing:

Andri Erdin

Riccarda Schwarz

Roman Stocker

Carmen Walker



Alvaro Kreyden 

Vanessa Blättler


Lauro Jenni

Frederik Bauer


Music & Sound Design:

Daniel Eaton



Martina Munoz




Jasmin Berger

Evelin Skarlatos


Corona Supervision:

Stefanie Burla

Christian Eckstein

Vanessa Blättler


Stage Construction:

Marco Quandt

Viktoras Zemeckas

Dietrich Furrer


Filmstudio Manager:

Marco Quandt